"Share the love" - Referral Program

 My business is made successful by help from my amazing clients, from YOU! Thank you so much for spreading the word about my business. It is because of customers like YOU that KatEli PHOTO is thriving!

To express my gratitude for my customers, I am happy to say that KatEli PHOTO has implemented a new Customer Referral Program - "Share the Love"! This offer is available to customers who have booked and completed a session with KatEli PHOTO.

Here's how it works:

As a current client, any new client you refer to KatEli PHOTO, who books and completes a session, will receive $50 off from their session fee!


But that's not all!

For every(booked and completed) referral YOU will receive $50 toward a one hour session. Or receive $75 towards a next session when you refer people who book and complete a wedding session.

When a new client books and completes a session, because of your positive word-of-mouth, $50(or $75) will automatically be applied to your account. You can take advantage of the "Share the love" referral program as often as you like! Multiple credits can be combined on one order. And you are right! That means you could receive a session for free!

Thank you for your business, and I hope to work with you again in the near future!

E-mail me to claim your referral thank you gift!

YOUR photographer

*** Rules and Regulations:

*   Referral money cannot be used for past session prints or money back from previous sessions; valid only for future sessions with me
*   Referrals are not retroactive; can only be new referral clients and not from a past session
*   You can refer as many people as you like, there is no cap on the amount of referral credit you can receive
*   It is only considered a referral when the client you refer has fully paid for their session
*   If you referral books and cancels you will not receive a referral credit
*   When your referral book, they will need to let me know that you referred them at the booking
*   If two clients refer same person, I will only credit the first name that is given to me
*   You cannot transfer your referral credit to someone else; it must be used by you only
*   Referral credit is not actual money; you will not receive actual money, just a note on your account and a discount off the session fee for
             the next session you book

Questions? Want to book a photo session? Click here! to send a message, send an e-mail to kat@kateliphoto.com or call 202-643-4434!
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