When should I book a newborn session?
A newborn session should be booked well in advance of the baby's birth. Early scheduling secures your booking but same time allows me to give you all information what to expect at photo session. Once the baby is born, notify me as soon as you are able so that we can schedule his/her first photo session to fall within two weeks. 

Why does a newborn session need to be done within the first two weeks?
During the first few days following baby's birth babies are most 'womb-like'. Therefore ideal time for a newborn session is generally when the baby is 5-10 days old. They are very sleepy at this time and still remember being curled up in the womb, so their legs tuck up underneath them very comfortable and we can pose him/her in all those sweet poses more quickly and easily while they sleep. When babies are older they want to eat more often and they don't fall back sleep so quickly and easily. And on top of that they don't stay asleep while we pose them.

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How long is a regular photo session?
Photo session time is usually between 1-2 hours. Younger kids will be very tired after 1-1.5 hour photoshoot. 

What is the best time of the day to schedule a photo session?
For outdoor portraits early morning and late afternoon will give the best soft light. Midday sun is harsh and will produce severe shadows. However if we can find a wall, tree with sufficient shade then we can photograph at any time of the day.

What should we wear for photo session?
Clothing color choices can really influence the outcome of a photograph. It is always nice to keep it simple. Still, texture and different combinations are always fun to photograph. Please see more ideas by clicking  here .

How my family and friends can order prints?
After session you will be provided link with high quality edited images of your photo session. You can simply send them the link to your private gallery and they may place their orders individually within the 15 day period after all pictures have been posted.

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What is a mini session?
A mini session is a shorter version of a custom session with discounted prices. The session usually has a theme.

When are mini sessions offered? 
Mini sessions are offered any time of the year. Please check under *Special offers. 

Where are mini sessions offered?
Mini sessions location will be throughout local Metro area and specified under *Special offers. Please look at listed location under offers before booking. 

How long is a mini session?
The photo session lasts 15-20 minutes. Please plan to come a little earlier than your scheduled time.

How do I book a date and time for mini session?
You can send e-mail or call to find out available times. Once your session fee is paid you will receive confirmation to secure your session date and time.
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