Props are objects used during photography session to personalize your photo. It is simply considered to be anything movable or portable to stage your memorable moment. Photography props help illustrate the composition to tell more about you and your family by adding information about your job, hobbies, what you really enjoy doing, or something just for fun.

For example props at newborn photography help to show size and context of your newborn, and simply adds to the cuteness of the photo. You can use anything, but be wise and choose props that you will be pleased to see for years to come.

Newborns always look best in their birthday suite. Example of props: bigger sized hats, simple baby hats, stuffed animals, different type of baskets, toys or even a cute wooden doll bed. Props can help to tell the story. Even simply showing your hands together with your baby will show how small your baby is.
How about a photo session of first year birthday cake eating?

Toddlers and older kids will have fun climbing a tree, playing with a ball or different color balloons, someone can stand off camera and blow bubbles at kids or they can blow the bubbles themselves. Favorite toys. Who would say no for colorful ice cream? Lollipop! Girls always like to play dress up. Mom's jewelry and shoes are best props here. 

There are so many choices. You can pick up some ideas also from Pinterest

Seasonal props. Every season comes with different type of beautiful flowers, ideas and colors.

Maternity photography - first letter of your soon to be born baby name, baby first shoes..

You may use all sort of different types of props: vintage, antique, home made and fun props for family photography. The list is endless!

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